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Women’s History Month Event Page!!

This event will be a chance to learn about important topics, methods to help you take charge, feel supported and be empowered to make changes! Bring a friend, support the cause with gently worn clothes for those in need, and enjoy some wine and great conversation. Don’t forget to RSVP!

Please email: janet@stilesfinancial.com to RSVP  

Schedule of Events:
4:30-5:30 – Cocktails & Social Hour
5:30-6:00 – Short Presentations
6:00-8:30 – Discussions & Social


Susan Stiles – Founder/CEO
Stiles Financial Services

Susan Stiles is the founder of Stiles Financial Services, Inc., an independent financial consulting firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that emphasizes custom and holistic advice solutions for their clients. The firm supports a wealth advisory and portfolio management practice and specializes in consulting and advisory services to retirement and pension plans, providing fiduciary oversight, investment monitoring, and participant financial education. She has been regularly quoted in business and industry publications over the years and is an active member of industry associations and advocate for financial education and wellness.

Michelle Tran Maryns –  Founder/CEO
We Sparkle Co.

A member of Women’s Foundation and the Founder of We Sparkle Co., a social enterprise that equips underestimated entrepreneurs with the AI-powered tools they need to succeed. Prior to WFM and We Sparkle, Michelle advised companies like Google and Target as a strategy consultant for WORKSHOP and Rêve Consulting. She also served as Chief of Strategic Initiatives at Meda, Associate Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at the American Academy of Neurology, Community Relations Specialist at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State. In her free time, she volunteers on the Greater MSP Forge North Leadership Council and the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement North.

Katie Severt – Founder
Let’s Talk Health

Let’s Talk Women operates a quarterly women’s health panel series, builds special events and provides corporate engagement opportunities. All events are designed to bring people together to educate, inspire and connect those dedicated to elevating women’s health throughout her lifetime. We lead conversations and dialog with a health equity lens, recognizing that health disparities for women, women of color and indigenous women are particularly egregious and need to be recognized and discussed. 

Disparities in health extend past the doctor’s office into research and funding of innovation. We recognize that you can remove people from the health system but if systems are designed to benefit one group of people, others will not have access to equitable care. Women’s health is paramount to the well-being of our communities and society as a whole. Join Us! Let’s Talk.

Lori Ryan – Founder

Founder of LorIgnite Lori Ryan, an Emmy-winning journalist turned AI enthusiast, brings a refreshing blend of storytelling, technology, and boundless curiosity. Her journey from the bustling newsrooms of television to the intricate world of IT project management has provided her with a unique lens through which she views the transformative power of AI.

Lori isn’t just about AI and tech. She’s a mom, a storyteller, and someone who finds joy in helping others. Her approach to AI is human-centric, focusing on how it can enhance lives, improve businesses, and ensure no one is left behind in this rapid age of digital transformation. Lori’s mission has always been clear: make AI accessible, understandable, and human-centric. With Lorignite, AI isn’t a distant concept—it’s a tool for amplifying human potential.