Liquid Assets – Women’s History Month

It was standing room only at this celebration of Women’s History Month. The Stiles Team brought in a group of inspirational women, lead by our very own beacon, Susan Stiles, followed by Michelle Martyns, Lori Ryan and Katie Severs. Each woman discussed their topic of expertise: Financial Independence and Awareness, Women’s Representation, Women & Tech, and Women’s Health. What a wonderfully, positive event!

Liquid Assets – Art on the Rocks

This month we featured the art of Mary Lynn McPherson. Guests learned all about encaustic painting and mingled with appetizers prepared by Susan herself. Stay tuned for our next event.

Liquid Assets – Crystal Ball

This event featured a Tarot Card Reader and a new signature drink complete with edible glitter! As usual, everything was hosted and prepared by the whole Stiles Financial team and held in our beautiful offices. Swing by for a tour next time you’re in the area.