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Stiles Financial Services, Inc. (SFSI) is an independent portfolio management and advisory firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our team of experienced financial professionals work with individuals, families, and business owners, providing the advice and tools to help build wealth and a legacy. Our experienced retirement plan consultants deliver fiduciary oversight for plan sponsors on behalf of their 401(k) and pension plans. Our institutional portfolio management team serves foundations, endowments, and corporate entities.

We have worked hard to position our firm different than the rest. We get to know our clients and work with them on an individual basis. Meeting with clients regularly, we are in touch with their evolving needs and use the latest tools and technologies to provide the highest level of service.  We are committed to the education process required to stay informed on financial and economic issues. Our conviction is to do what is right for our clients by upholding a universal fiduciary standard and to serve as stewards to protect their interest.

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Weekly Market Update for October 23rd, 2023

The Pineapple – Our North Star

A fruit with an attention grabbing crown, the pineapple represents warm welcomes, celebration, and hospitality. It is a symbol that guides the experience we strive to create for clients – our North Star.

Why be average? We uphold a standard of excellence.

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Our commitment to excellence is driven by a deep sense of connection to our clients. We serve from the heart, have a passion for hospitality, and derive great joy from creating a familiar, comfortable, and luxurious experience for clients. From the in-office accommodations to the particulars of your portfolio – each element of our process is crafted with great care and consideration. Starting with your first consultation over a cup of tea, chocolate truffles, or a glass wine, we pay attention to the details and are sensitive to understanding your needs.

Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

– Oliver Wendell HoLmes

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